The Social Media Guide for Lawyers

Ethan authored the Social Media Guide for Lawyers to help lawyers, law firms, and legal marketing professionals effectively and ethically use social media to promote practice


The Social Media Guide provides:

  • Best practices for attorney and law firm social media use.
  • Step by step guide for creating profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Roadmap for posting content, tweets, and connecting with professionals on social media.
  • Strategies for effectively sharing marketing materials and content on social media.
  • Sample social media policies for attorneys and law firms.

Fire over Facebook?

A Primer on Protected Social Media Activity in the Workplace and Best Practice Guide for Managing Employee Social Media Use

In Fire over Facebook, Ethan explores whether and to what extent employees can be fired for what they say and do on social media and how companies can manage employee social media use through policies, procedures and training


Readers will learn about:

  • Key labor and employment law concepts of protected activity and concerted activity as applied to social media activity.
  • Actual examples of protected and unprotected social media activity.
  • How protected social media activity can lose protection under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).
  • How an employer’s disciplinary action in response to certain social media activity violates the NLRA.
  • Work rules and social media policies deemed as lawful or unlawful as determined by the National Labor Relations Board.

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