Why doesn’t your social media content generate clients?

May 21, 2018

Someone liked your post. Congratulations!!! Many lawyers believe that a large number of likes, comments, and shares on their content means they’ve executed a successful social media strategy. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s simply not the case.

While likes, comments, or shares on our posts are terrific, they aren’t necessarily accomplishing our social media marketing goals. What we really want people to do is perform some specific action in response to our content – such as visiting our website, opting into our email updates, or contacting us for a consultation. That’s how we develop new business. And that’s why developing a conversion strategy is so important.


How will You Convert Followers into Clients?

There are many lead generation strategies that can be executed on social media. The key is to identify which strategies are most useful to draw in your ideal clients. Once you’ve identified the right strategies, you’ll be in a better position to implement various tactics and execute your plans.

For example, if your initial strategy is to create awareness for your law firm on social media, you could utilize tactics designed to build a following of friends, colleagues, and ideal clients. Import your contact lists to invite people to connect with your profiles, join industry-related networking groups to interface with potential clients, and execute a social media advertising campaign designed to increase the number of followers on your law firm’s page. You can then engage your followers with interesting content about your practice on social media and re-target those who interact and engage with your content with specific calls to action.

If your strategy is to establish ongoing relationships with a specific audience, your conversion strategy may be to use social media to invite followers to subscribe to your email newsletter. This can be accomplished by directing followers back to your website to opt-in, or through a lead generation campaign on social media where people become subscribed to your newsletter in exchange for downloading a whitepaper. In this way, you can use social media as the magnet to attract new leads, and then engage with them directly through email, rather than compete for their attention on their newsfeeds.

If you already maintain a robust social media following and your strategy is to more directly convert leads into clients, you can accomplish this by crafting social media content that links directly to an optimized landing page that features a prominent call to action to contact your firm. You can also achieve this strategy by running a sponsored lead generation campaign directly through the social media site, or by directing followers to a more detailed blog post that prompts them with an opt-in or engages them through re-target marketing ads.

A successful social media campaign likely includes a combination of these strategies. The key is to determine at the outset which strategies you will use to attract leads and convert them into new clients so that you can tailor all of your tactics to accomplish your goal. In other words, turn those likes that you were so proud of into likely-clients.



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